031 Useful Links

There are several links we have used extensively during our stay in Rome. They have given meaning to the sights we were visiting.

Rome Art Lovers Web Page

This website contains everything you ever wanted to know about Rome. It is comprehensive and filled with facts, particularly about the history of Rome, monuments, churches, etc.


List of Emperors

Gives the emperor and his image, his birth date and place, how he became emperor, dates of his reign, date and cause of his death, and his time in office. This webpage is important to help us understand the history of Rome and the sights we visit.


List of Popes

Gives the numerical order, dates of the pontificate, an image of the pope, his name, his birth name, place of birth, age at start and end of papacy, and notes. This webpage is important to help us understand the history of Rome and the sights we visit.


Station Churches Pilgrimage

The pilgrimage involves attending mass at a different Station Church on each morning of Lent. There are forty days of Lent, hence 40 churches. The order of churches for the days of Lent has not changed since 800 AD (except for one church which no longer exists). Masses are in English at 07:00 and in Italian at 17:00. The Pontifical North American College has done a superb job organizing historical information about these churches. Significant architecture and art treasures in the church are also noted. Maps and directions are included in the website. The description is also available in MP3 format.


Bus and Metro Routes and Maps

A map of bus routes in the city center and a map of bus routes in Rome have proven essential in finding our way to the sights. Maps are in pdf format and can be downloaded. It is also important to know how frequently buses travel their routes. For a specific bus line, the website gives the number of departures each hour from the end of the line. Times at each stop are not given, but the frequency during the day is important to know how long one may wait for a bus.


Free Concerts

There are free concerts of sacred choral music. They are frequently choirs visiting from the United States. There are two or three concerts per month. They are usually held in Sant’Ignazio or another beautiful church. The schedule for most of these concerts is listed on the following website.


The Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel

It is so large and the lines are so long that we usually bought tickets in advance to avoid the lines. During most of our visits, the Sistine Chapel was packed shoulder-to-shoulder. For us, it was always a day-long event, especially since we read many of the descriptions. It is never possible for us to see the entire museum in one day. It is suggested to read about the collections beforehand, download the map of the museum, and select your route. It is also suggested that the description of the Sistine Chapel be studied so that the visit will be more worthwhile. Renting an audio guide of the Sistine Chapel is helpful to focus once in the midst of the crowd and the overwhelming amount of art.


Borghese Gallery

The Borghese Gallery contains some of the best art of the Renaissance. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Visits are limited to one of the five two hour intervals through the day. An audio guide helps understand the significance of the major works.


Scuderie del Quirinale

The stables of the Quirinale Palace is now an art museum. They have hosted exhibitions of excellent artists. We have enjoyed works of Tintoretto, Vermeer, and Tiziano.


Airport Transfer

During our stay in Rome, we have used Tony Mancini to transport all our guests to and from the airport. It is 50 €, the same cost as a taxi on the street. But it is a personalized service, door to door, in a more comfortable vehicle. To make a reservation, we usually send Tony an email with all the flight details. He also has a phone and website: mancini.tony@alice.it, (+39) 339 458 4206, www.driveroma.com.


About rockinos

Recently retired and moved to Rome, Italy. It's a fantastic place, so we have started this blog to keep family and friends updated with a few details about our adventures.
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  1. William Milller says:

    This entry is really helpful —- and interestingl. You two are SO organized!
    Wish we could be there. You’ve reminded us of many happy days in Rome.

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