030 The Conclave

We planned to go to the mass for the opening of the Conclave at 10:00 in Saint Peter’s Basilica. We left our apartment after our morning routines, went through security, and were inside the Basilica at 09:45. We should have come an hour earlier. We were behind the second or third pillar far down the nave from the main altar. We could not see the main altar through most of the mass. At the time of communion, most people went to receive communion and we were able to get a partial view of the main altar for the final blessing.


Habemus Papam! We were at home with the live webcam trained on the Sistine Chapel chimney. White smoke emerged at 19:06, indicating that a pope had been chosen. Within a few minutes we were out the door and walking to Saint Peter’s Square. There were lots of people from our neighborhood also hurrying to the square. As we got closer, it became a throng of people. Many of the younger adults were jogging or running to the square. It was raining lightly as we left our apartment, but stopped shortly after we reached Saint Peter’s Square.


Pope Francis is a Jesuit. We are impressed with his choice of the name Francis and we will watch events unfold to understand his choice. Jesuits are famous for high schools and universities around the world. The Jesuits also operate shelters, food kitchens, and work with the poor and neglected at scores of locations in the United States and around the world (http://www.jesuitvolunteers.org/placement-sites/current-jv-placement-sites).



About rockinos

Recently retired and moved to Rome, Italy. It's a fantastic place, so we have started this blog to keep family and friends updated with a few details about our adventures.
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2 Responses to 030 The Conclave

  1. David ODell says:

    Wow!!! What an exciting day! Y’all were in the thick of it and I’m glad you were able to get as close as you did! It was nice to have a blog post that was about y’all in Italy, and not about just Italy lol. Very cool.

    I’m inprocessing here and I almost started sweating in a tshirt it was so warm yesterday. It’s going to be a hot summer! I found that the leak in the cobalt came from the ad unit under the dash and not the windshield. There’s also an airbag sensor malfunctioning and the door handle is peeling. I’ll take the car in for all that next week.

    My visit with Linda was great and I took her the tapestry. She really liked it, but I need to mail her the mug, shoes, and notebooks… I packed up pretty quickly.

    More later. Have fun over there! Love you,


  2. Anne Trousdale says:

    I thought about you when I saw the crowd in St. Peter’s square. I’m envious. Thanks for the information on JVs. Bob has an uncle who is a Jesuit. He’ll be wonderful pope!

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