001 Saint Peter’s Basilica

St. Peters Basilica viewed from Castel Sant’ Angelo

Yesterday, we went to Santa Susanna, the Catholic Church that ministers to Americans in Rome. It was wonderful having the mass and music in English. The Mass was celebrated by the Pastor (we think), but a very young priest gave the excellent homily. It is a Paulist parish. That is, there are Paulist Priests serving there. The Cistercian nuns have a monastery next door to Santa Susanna Church.

We went to the 9:00 am mass. The bus left our neighborhood at 8:40 and we arrived just in time. There was no traffic and hardly any passengers. The priests were lined up at the entrance when we arrived and it was so nice to hear a cheerful “Hi, Good morning!” from the priests as we hurried in.

After the 10:30 am mass they have coffee and donuts and a tour of the church, so we’ll have to go to that mass some Sunday. Yesterday we stopped in the Santa Susanna lending library which is loosely connected to the church and resides in the building next door. There is a big fiction section from the British Council reading list, and a British woman at the desk. The bulletin listed schedules for Confirmation and First Communion classes. There is also a Marymount international school in Rome that was mentioned but I don’t think it’s at that parish.

After mass we walked home. I told Mike I was okay with walking if we could stroll and not run. It’s a bit of a strain to walk at his normal pace. So we did more or less, most of the time, stroll through Rome for a few hours. It was a lovely day.  It was just a little chilly in the shade when the wind was blowing, but mostly just right.

Today, after the post office, we had lunch at home and then decided to see St. Peters for the first time on this trip to Rome. We didn’t get a chance to get inside St. Peters when we came for the house-hunting trip in February. It was great to be in that church with all the pilgrims (and lots of tourists).


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Recently retired and moved to Rome, Italy. It's a fantastic place, so we have started this blog to keep family and friends updated with a few details about our adventures.
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